Since 2017, Lace It Up For Charity has donated over $250,000 to a number of local and national charities and foundations with contributions from our team of sponsors, outside donations, and self-funding from its founders. These teammates have also volunteered hundreds of hours to a number of charitable causes.

Lace It Up Charity has proudly been involved with the following groups:  

Families of the Fallen Soldiers in Afghanistan 2021
We pride ourselves on the variety of types of 503cs we help serve through donations and volunteering our time.

MISSION: Our mission is to raise money and awareness for specific nonprofit organizations through an annual basketball tournament.

Sam Librizzi, Thomas Mastro, Chris Downs, and Mike Ladge founded Lace It Up For Charity to raise money and increase visibility of various organizations by hosting this annual event. Each year, Lace It Up for Charity partners with two foundations, from local grassroots groups to those with a national platform. Our goal is to not only expand each year with increased attendance and sponsorships, but to also inspire and be inspired.

We encourage you to consider how you can make a difference in your community. Your time and money can largely impact the lives of those less fortunate and there are a number of ways to help — request guests at your next party to donate to a charity in lieu of gifts, spend an afternoon volunteering at an organization, or donate gently used clothes and homeware to a shelter.

Lace It Up For Charity is not a nonprofit organization. All money raised by Lace It Up For Charity goes directly to the selected charities. We have set a fundraising goal of $500,000 over the next ten years. All donations make a difference, as every dollar counts!

It is with sincerest gratitude we would like to recognize our athletes, sponsors, and attendees for helping us make this an extraordinary, rewarding, and memorable event for all involved.

Lace Up & Give Back,

Sam, Thomas, Chris, and Mike